Lined notebook “Mon cahier”


This time we have created something for lovers of analogue recording of their thoughts, ideas or sketching.

A lined notebook with an original cover aims to introduce color into our everyday life and make us gladly take on new challenges.

We used our own experience and passion for beautiful little things, from which the “Mon cahier” notebooks were created. We came to
the conclusion that it is the small things that make you smile and want to act.

The notebook is available in A5 format, which is ideal for mobile people who are on the move all the time, and those who work from home
and they like to have a notebook on hand to write down their thoughts.

The notebook is made of 100% ecological papers.

Format: A5

Inside the notebook: lines

Paper: Nautilus Classic – 100% recycled

Weight: 250g – cover, 120g – inside

20 sheets (40 pages)

Orange lines, 5 mm spacing

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